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Has Someone Hit a Nerve?


Jam. 1:19(NIV) My brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Jam.1:19(NIV)

Do we fly of the handle at our kids, our wives, others?

Has someone hit a nerve?

Has someone hit a deep-sited wound?

What am I like when I’m tired, frustrated, hurt, impatient, or crabby?

Realize I’m the problem, she’s not the problem, he’s not the problem, but rather I’m the problem !

Do I talk too much? Do I listen to little? Is what others say unimportant to me?

I don’t blow it more than everyday! We all fall short, but what is my attitude after I have wronged someone, what is my action after I have wronged someone?
Do I have a repentant heart, a humble heart?

Thank God for his loving grace that forgive us!

Grace defined: Is undeserved forgiveness!

Pray, Lord take my short comings, my faults, my deep, deep wounds, hurt, my insecurities & heal me that I can be the Godly man that you have created me to be! Show me the things that I need to work on & change me no matter what it takes, CHANGE ME

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