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Daily Encouragement — 1 Peter 5:8


1 Peter 5:8. Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Reflecting on the many men that have attended The Separated Men's Group, we recognize that the causes when they first attend are virtually identical. The problem can involve adultery,
workoholism, anger, finances, gambling/debt, addictions, etc.

The list is virtually endless. Please understand that I am not saying these are all the man's fault. It could be the spouse who has the issue, but the end result is that the marriage is in trouble. For the sake of our discussion, allow me to use the man as the spouse that has the problem.

First, they rationalize why they have done something. Secondly, although they sense they have an issue of some type, they try to ignore it. Thirdly, typically the spouse has tried to speak with her husband for months, or even years, about the problem she is seeing. Again, the man ignores it. Finally, the wife has had enough, and she seeks separation or divorce.

The man is hit with a reality check that wakes him up. He starts to experience pain and a list of never ending questions. Many experience not only marital issues, but often financial, job, and housing issues. The man is so overwhelmed, that he has difficulty knowing where to start to work on resolving the situation.

The answer that not only I received, but I have seen many men receive is to seek the Lord. Pray, seek Him, ask for His wisdom and direction. Sounds simple, but He is often the last person we seek when we have marital problems.

Consider that He does not wish to see anyone get divorced. Consider letting Him be God and following His direction through the word and counsel from Godly men.


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